Golf El Kantaoui spreads on a superficie of 130 ha starting from the beach up to a prestigious hill holding a panoramic view on the marvellous seaside and touristy resort of port el kantaoui, considered as one of the best found in the Mediterranean.
Golf champions have well know the Golf El Kantaoui Course at the time of the four Tunisian open organized by the etudes and developpement company Sousse Nord in collaboration with the European tour ”PGA” and this respectively in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985.
They set off with very good impressions.
Real Golf Academy offers golf lessons and courses depending on your level and gives the opportunity to acquire a green card during a 5 days x 2 hours a training.

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For beginners :


Discovery (3 Days X 2 Hours)

Initiation (4 Days X 2 Hours)


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Daily program: Putting, Pitching and Chipping.                          >>> Book


For future golfers:


Green card (5 days X 2 Hour)


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PROGRAM:                                                                                 >>> Book

  • 4 days on the practice: * Putting. * Pitching. * Chipping. * Long distance.* Etiquette.*Rule.
  • The 5th and final day: 9 holes at golf school with the PRO.


>>> At the end of your training course, you will get your green card.

With pro :

With pro

9 holes with pro

18 championship course with pro


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NB: Green Fee are not included.                                                   >>> Book

 For improvers:



3 Days X 3 Hours

4 Days X 3 Hours

5 Days X 3 Hours


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Program :                                                                               >>> Book

* Evaluation of the game level
* Preparing to the execution of a golf swing.
* Improving the small game and big game
* pitched and rolled approaches, out of bunkers, putting.
* Strategy on the course, analyzing course.
* advising about club selection compared to the location of your ball on the course
* General Review, handicap management.
* A few holes with the Pro on the course 

All packages include:
Practice balls.
Golf clubs.
Access to the practice.
Coaching with card by a PGA Pro.

Improvement Program includes:

* Greens Fees during the hours of the course
1 Euro = approximately 1.9 DT. This conversion is given for information only and may not be applicable to the billing.

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